Community Support

On an afternoon in mid July an Officer came to work and found an object sitting on the picnic table directly outside the Nassau Police Station. It turned out to be a small rubber duck thought to be a child’s toy but after taking a closer look it was a rubber duck with a police officer hat, a thin blue line flag across the front and a hand written inscription that said “Thank You Nassau PD”. Within feet of the picnic table is the Village Pond, and floating in the pond were over a dozen identical ducks with the same hand written inscription. It is unknown who took the time and effort to make this heartfelt and thoughtful gesture and show of support to the Nassau (and all) Police Department(s) but we would like to Thank You!

The Ducks currently remain in the pond except 2, 1 of which is on display in the Police Station and 1 is in the Village Clerks Office.