Happy Halloween 2020

Every year the Nassau Police Officers Association (POA) purchases a quantity of candy and sets up in the Center of the Village and distributes the candy to trick-or treaters. This year with the pandemic we wanted to stick with our long standing tradition while still being aware of sanitary concerns. The POA purchased zip lock baggies, a plastic bin and almost 2000 pieces of candy. The photo below depicts the Police Chiefs son (Conner) individually packing baggies with multiple pieces of candy and junior police stickers. These baggies, when filled were sealed and placed in to the plastic bin which had been sanitized; as was the work area.

On Halloween day/evening the POA set up as usual but instead of trick-or treaters sorting through a big bin of candy looking for their preferred candy, each bag was set out on a sanitized table and as kids approached, they (parents) were asked to select a bag of candy that they wanted, and touch and take only that bag. As the baggies were taken, the table was continuously sanitized and more bags of candy were set out by Nassau Police Officers who were masked and gloved.

In 4 hours the POA distributed 350 baggies containing the 2000 pieces of candy to trick-or-treaters; who by the way had some amazing costumes.

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